We’ve changed our name

A new chapter has begun for Titanic Foundation, as we broaden our remit and become the Maritime Belfast Trust.

The charity was set up in 2007 as the Titanic Foundation, with a primary objective to oversee the delivery of the Titanic Belfast visitor attraction, which opened on March 31st 2012. Since then, we have acquired the SS Nomadic and incorporated it into the Titanic Belfast experience, led on the restoration of the former H&W Drawing Offices, now Titanic Hotel Belfast, and preserved one of the rarest lighthouse optics in the world, now publicly displayed on Belfast’s waterfront as the Great Light. With each project we have championed the waterfront as a vibrant destination, developing a greater understanding of the importance of Belfast’s maritime heritage to the city and its visitors.

Our key responsibilities in respect of Titanic Belfast, SS Nomadic, Titanic Hotel Belfast and the Great Light remain unchanged, but our focus and objectives will be wider.

Belfast is a city with a long maritime history, and we want to help deliver, protect and promote Belfast’s magnificent maritime heritage. To reflect our growing remit and ambitions we’ve rebranded as the Maritime Belfast Trust. Follow our story below, and read our press release here:

Maritime Belfast Trust

A word from Maritime Belfast Trust's CEO & Chair

Our values and themes

We look to a bright future where Belfast’s historic waterfront will be an integral part of the Belfast experience; a destination that is alive with people and where businesses thrive.


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