Big Draw art 2016-4010

On Saturday 29th October, Maritime Belfast hosted the Big Lighthouse Draw event in Titanic Belfast, Andrews Gallery. This was part of the nationwide campaign to get everyone drawing again, and this year’s theme brought together Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. STEAM fuses creative innovation, enterprise, digital technologies and the arts.

Thirty little artists (5 years plus) along with 25 parents & carers joined us to help build lots of miniature lighthouses, had fun creating massive drawings and were inspired by our very own Lighthouse story. Everyone got the opportunity to become mini lighthouse builders & artists for the morning and created their own masterpieces. Local artist Beth McComish facilitated the workshop.

We picked the Lighthouse theme based on one of our current heritage projects. Maritime Belfast has been working with the Commissioners of Irish Lights to save, restore and display a 130 year old optic, a very rare hyper radial Fresnel lens, previously used in Mew Island and Tory Island Lighthouses between 1886 and 2014.