Published: 30th September 2022

Belfast Hosts HUB-IN Consortium Meeting

Belfast City Council’s City Innovation Office and the Maritime Belfast Trust had the pleasure of hosting the second Consortium Meeting of the HUB-IN project in Belfast.

HUB-IN is a €7.9 million EU funded project that wants to transform and regenerate Historic Urban Areas while preserving their unique cultural and social identity and the environment. Belfast is one of eight pilot cities and in September 2022 hosted thirty-four representatives from the seven other pilot cities with representatives from Portugal, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Slovenia and Romania and from supporting organisations. The three-day consortium meeting took place in a range of venues across including Titanic Hotel, Belfast Met and Belfast City Hall.

The consortium meeting provided attendees with the opportunity to find out more about their historical areas and the work that has been undertaken in the project to date. It offered the opportunity for collaborative working on the development of future actions plans based on the needs and values of the local communities and reviewed potential finance and governance models which may be relevant to each city’s project.

As part of their visit for consortium meeting attendees were taken on a tour of the Belfast HUB-IN area, the Maritime Mile. The Belfast HUB-In team will be working with neighbouring communities around the Titanic Quarter and will support people to develop entrepreneurial and digital innovation skills and foster new business opportunities to help further transform our heritage waterfront into a dynamic destination and hub of innovation.

Belfast 2